Sectional Title Common Property and Structures

Often the Common property within a Sectional Title Scheme, is an element that is deprived of management. It is to be remembered that the external features and extent of common property, is the “showcase” of the Scheme. A first impression is important and the condition of the common property goes a long way in establishing the value of the Units within the scheme. 
It is also an accurate assessment of the participation of the scheme management. The management team would usually consist of the Trustees and Managing Agent. To obtain a full insight into the extent of the common property, it is important that the Management team conduct a on-site inspection at the inception of a Board of Trustees, after each AGM.  This is to gain an understanding of the condition and content of the common property.

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Gates Villages

The South African Human Rights Commission report in 2001, stated that it did consider Gated Villages unconstitutional but, it did not support some security measures as it could cause social division, dysfunctional cities and polarisation of society. The South African Constitution recognises freedom of movement and a right to security for its citizens. 
Gated Villages and communal - living has in recent times become ever increasing in popularity. So much so, that it is now a definite feature of the Urban fabric. Cities and Towns are usually open and accessible landscape where persons are able to freely move about and interact professionally, socially and recreationally, Gated Villages can result in exclusive environmental access and usage thus causing fragmented segregation of that urban fabric.

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Purchasing Property in Residential Sectional Title or within a Gated Village development

The choice of purchasing property in Residential Sectional Title or within a Gated Village development is becoming more and more popular in South Africa.  In addition to affordability, there are a number of prerogatives that are considered, when the prospective purchaser undertakes the investigation. 
Security is a consideration that is foremost in the buyer’s criteria. The locality of the scheme should determine the physical and technological infrastructure of the complex. Unfortunately in South Africa to-day, the technological advancement of security systems has become elements of necessity by most Insurance providers. The objective of a system is intended to deter, defend and delay possible intrusions. Electrical fencing has justifiably become subjected to conformance as well as compliance.  Regarding security, the prospective buyer should make the following enquiries to the Property Practitioner or seller :

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